Stella Tooth painting Art Dealer Roger Baresel at The Chelsea Art Gallery 10 November 2012

West London artist

I'm a West London-based figurative artist, specialising in painting and drawing people. 

Although always an artist at heart, until 2010 I made my living as a print journalist then broadcast news pr at BBC News, World Service and Sky News and am currently working on a series of paintings of some of best known names in UK broadcast news. 

This site showcases my art - and explains how my past careers influence it. Both are linked, as figurative art is about curiosity and truth: my perception of reality and my response to life - and storytelling. All of these lie at the heart of journalism, which I promoted as a BBC & Sky News PR. 

You will find examples of my drawn and painted portraits and my life drawing.  To commission a portrait and/or give one as a gift, visit commission me

You will also find work in my artist series through which I explore separation and connection within the themes of Fame & Power, Love & Self and PeopleTo buy ready made art visit buy art  

To book drawing classes with me for a private group of friends or colleagues in the inspiring surrounds of the V&A, visit Sketchout drawing tutor. 

Lots Road Group

I'm a founding member of the Lots Road Group of figurative artists who met while studying at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea in Lots Road, among the few art colleges in Britain that focus on portraiture and traditional skills. An intimate group of figurative artists, we learn from each other on our individual artist journeys with our group collaboration leading to a striving to do better, resulting in excellence. We believe we are unique in combining words and pictures in our annual exhibitions and catalogues to deepen the experience and understanding of our work.  Our ethos is summed up in our strap - Our portrait, your storyOur theme for 2016 will be The Art of Reading.

Check out the Lots Road Group blog facebook page & @lotsroadgroup 

Members Lots Road Group with ex Australian PM Julia Gillard at IoD show


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Motherhood - a collection of paintings, pastels & prints by the Lots Road Group of Artists is available price £16.69+p&p from Blurb UK. Editor Stella Tooth