Stella Tooth painting Art Dealer Roger Baresel at The Chelsea Art Gallery 10 November 2012

West London artist

I'm a West London-based figurative artist, specialising in painting and drawing people. 

Although always an artist at heart, until 2010 I made my living as a print journalist then broadcast news pr at BBC News, World Service and Sky News and am currently working on a series of paintings of some of best known names in UK broadcast news. 

This site showcases my art - and explains how my past careers influence it. Both are linked, as figurative art is about curiosity and truth: my perception of reality and my response to life - and storytelling. All of these lie at the heart of journalism, which I promoted as a BBC & Sky News PR. 

To view my art, please visit galleries where you will find examples of my portraits and other art that celebrates the human form and explores the themes that interest me most: connection and separation. Also: Saatchi online ArtLyst Gallery

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To book drawing classes for a private group of friends or colleagues in the inspiring surrounds of the V&A, visit drawing tutor. 

Stella Tooth in her staircase gallery

My career in art

Winner of the judges' prize at Egypt's first biennale (2013), I studied for five years at The Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea, whose famous alumni include many of the pre-Raphaelites and Walter Sickert and whose tutors include members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

On the school’s Post Diploma in Portraiture and  Portraiture Diploma courses I studied anatomy and, although focused on life drawing and oil painting from the model, I also studied sculpture and printmaking.  To find out more about the diploma, through interviews with my tutors, fellow students and myself, click here

Stella Tooth with her portrait of Geraldine Sharpe Newton at the IoD Portrayed! show

Lots Road Group founder

I am also a founding member of the Lots Road Group of figurative artists. Check out the Lots Road Group blog facebook page & @lotsroadgroup 

Self portrait 2013

Drawing tutor

for Sketchout V&A, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britiain

Where to see my work this summer

International Women's Forum UK - Portrayed! 25 years of inspiring women by the Lots Road Group for clients of KPMG at their offices at 15 Canada Square E14 5GL London until 18 September

Agent: Visions of London 



Portrayed! 25 years of inspiring women by the Lots Road Group of Artists, of which I'm a founding member, is available price £17.29+p&p from Blurb UK. 

Motherhood - a collection of paintings, pastels & prints by the Lots Road Group of Artists is available price £16.69+p&p from Blurb UK.


  John Humphrys with my portrait of him in BBC Radio 4 Today 15 May 2014 by Jeff Overs 
 Stella Tooth painting a study for a portrait of BBC's Kate Adie Kate Adie with my portrait of her Adam Boulton and Stella Tooth's study of him November 2013
Alexis and Robert 2013
  Jeremy and Jeremy by Stella Tooth July 2012

A fair amount of my working life has been spent looking after the public image of news journalists, such as the BBC's Kate Adie, George Alagiah and John Humphrys and Sky News' Adam Boulton, Robert Nisbet, Jeremy Thompson and Julie Etchingham, who now presents ITV News at 10.  As a portrait artist I am now portraying them - and other broadcast news journalists in a more personal way. As their time for sittings is limited, I have an hour with them to paint a colour study, as photography is bad at describing colour and space, and take reference shots.

What they thought of the experience:

John Humphrys: "It's rather odd having someone do your portrait while you're working.  They say the camera never lies...sadly, neither does the artist.  I rather hoped she might iron out the wrinkles."

Adam Boulton: "Because we are looking out from ourselves most of us don't know what we really look like, let alone what impression we make - a portrait is the best way to find out and Stella has an artist's eye and professional insight when it comes to people from the media world like me."

Julie Etchingham: "Being scruitinized by an artist's eye is a world away from sitting in front of a news camera – a far more personal and exposed experience – but the fact I know how gentle and endearing Stella is made it an altogether easier time than I’d imagined."