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Stella Tooth online art and art product shops flyer,

Launch of my new online art & art product shops!

Like London buses, my shops come in twos!
Not content to open my first online art shop full of artwork from my performer, bather, life drawing & flora & fauna series, I'm also delighted to be opening an art product shop!

My art shop, under the umbrella of Skylark Galleries limited, is reached from my Artist page on the London Southbank art collective's website. With Skylark you deal with the artist. There are no gallery fees.

My art product shop is on Redbubble, where you will find my floral & animal designs on all manner of products from t shirts & mobile phone cases to duvets & cushions! Do please take a look...and please tell your family and friends!

One fun thing I can now offer is not only to draw or paint your pet's portrait, from agreed photos you provide, but to make them available via Red Bubble for anyone, including your friends & family to buy! Fancy a dog themed duvet cover anyone?