Commissioning a portrait from life provides an enjoyable, collaborative experience: a journey into your character, personality and psyche. Commissioning a portrait from agreed photographs transforms a snapshot into an artwork with lasting resonance, which records the way you look and projects your life story through time. You can also give a Portrait Experience Gift Card to commemorate a special event or anniversary.

Up to six sittings of two hours are normally needed for a portrait from life. But a single sitting for a colour sketch and reference shots can often suffice. The process begins with a discussion about composition, what the sitter will wear, where the image is to hang, terms etc. From agreed photographs, the final selection depends on the quality of image (resolution), whether it contains sufficient information (about skin colour, the space in which the subject is pictured) - and whether it inspires me.

Cost depends on the size of work, the number of sitters and whether it is a drawing or painting. Payment is spread in instalments across the time it takes to produce - normally around six weeks to three months. A non-obligation quote excludes framing, any pre-agreed travel/accommodation expenses incurred and shipment.

Single portrait in oils
+£600 per extra person

Size ins / Size cms
16 x 12 / 40 x 30 / £ 600
20 x16 / 50 x 40 / £ 980
24 x 20 / 60 x 50 / £1,300
30 x25 / 76 x 63 / £1,500
36 x 28 / 90 x 70 / £1,950
40 x 30 / 100 x76 / £2,600

Single portrait drawing
+£50 per extra person

A3 / £250
40 x 50 / £300
A2 / £350
A1 / £480
A0 / £630